My research is primarly related to distributed and mobile computing. My past projects include a mobile application that makes use of one of Google's less friendly search type, Google Scholar, which has no current AJAX API. It is no longer available for download as it is no longer actively maintained due to the difficulty of keeping up with Google's changes.

My last project is NoVoHT, a non-volatile (persistent) in memory hashmap. This project is necessary for the scalability of its parent application ZHT, which is a zero hop distributed hash table. NoVoHT is designed to be small and fast with the ability to minimize disk space over head and eliminate the disk read latency issues of other persistent hash based databases which cause them to have poor scalability.

My current work is in the area of erasure coding. I'm currently working on a modular erasure coding library in C++ to be used with our Lab's distributed file system.