A Little About Me:


I started working with computers when I was in high school, and over the years have done everything from general application development to hacking around with operating systems and file systems to building and configuring highly parallel clusters. So one might say I have a decent breadth of knowledge, with some depth in specific areas.

In addition to hacking with technology in college, I was also an active member of Triangle Fraternity, at one point serving as the treasurer. I was also moderately active in the campuses ACM chapter, and the tennis club, serving on each of their executive boards as well.


I graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2015 with a co-terminal Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (cum laude) and a Master of Computer Science. My main focuses were in parallel and distributed computing. In addition to my computer science curriculum I also took several classes on business and economics.

General Interests

  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Films (Sci-fi expecially)
  • Music of all c\kinds

Technology Interests

  • Open Source Software
  • Linux/FreeBSD and other operating systems
  • Security, Networks, and Systems administration
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems


I worked as a research assistant in the Datasys group at IIT led by Dr. Ioan Raicu. In that time i worked with distributed key/value stores, and implemented some of the base layers. Besides that I did projects involving mobile application development, research into integrating erasure codes into distributed filesystems, and distributed filesystem indexing and search.

In addition to the projects done for research, I also participated in the SC15 Student Cluster Competition. Our team of 5 Undergraduates and a high school senior build an 8 node cluster and configured it to run job scheduling, linpack and several high performance scientific applications. The challenge of course being able to complete the tasks in the alloted time, without going over the power limit.

Outside of work, my hobby projects involved tinkering with various linux distributions, (I ran gentoo for a few years). My experience in linux includes everything from system administration, including some of the student used servers at my university. Beyond just administration I also worked on building debian packages, and tinkering with btrfs source code to try and fix some bugs that I found. In addition to Linux, I also have experience running FreeBSD as a web host, router, and a data server.